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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Code of Silence

I'm a week or two behind on this, but nevermind that.
Here's a brand new tune/video combo from King Deluxe's Aleph. Man's got a new EP, entitled "From Chaos to Cosmos," and it drops in January.
This effort sticks with KD's standard of excellence in progressive electronic music; "From Chaos to Cosmos" is kind of glitchy, kind of spacey, kind of garage-y, kind of funky...I could go on. It's kind of all over the place, but it's got consistency and it's awesome. Aleph's stuttering, rolling drum beats and schizophrenic synths & pads create a living, moody soundscape, and the whole thing reminds me of outerspace.

In the words of King Deluxe: "Okay so here’s “Omerta”, with animations borrowed from Jean-Fran├žois Laguionie’s incredible 1985 film ‘Gwen, The Book Of Sand’…"

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